so…you want to plant in Skid Row?

First some questions…

1.)  Are you (or your group) willing to commit to care for or “adopt” your tree(s) for 5 years? This is the amount of time it takes for a tree to become established. This means watering, pruning and general care. There is also an option of paying a 3rd party for a watering contract such as Industrial District Green (the organization I helped cofound) or the Los Angeles Conservation Corps.

2.)  Do you know what type/species of tree you want to plant and if it is the “right tree for the right location”? (See, I can help with this also)

3.)  Are you aware of the challenges of planting trees in Skid Row? (See video here)

4.)  Do you have the permission of the landowner(s) whose property your tree(s) would go in front of? (See Permission to Plant form link here)

5.)  Are you a landowner within the Skid Row boundaries? Maybe some of the links I have provided might be useful to you.

 There are many organizations that will help and support you (or your group) to plant trees in Skid Row


                                        the trees need YOUR help too!

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