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  1. lapastor says:

    I found you from your comments on the LA Times article. How great to hear that someone is planting trees right down the street from our church! I walk past your lofts on my way to different homeless organizations and the image of trees on San Pedro would be beautiful and connect nicely with Little Tokyo. Best to you!

  2. Katherine says:

    Thank you lapastor! I appreciate the kind words. By the way, I am making up this whole “neighborhood beautification” thing as I go along. Please feel free to make suggestions any time.

  3. Brian says:

    Hi Katherine,
    A few years back I worked for a nonprofit, assisting neighborhoods and schools create community gardens and green space. While the focus was a little different than tree planting, I’m sure the process is similar. I also have degrees in environmental science and horticulture which may help when putting together an urban forestry strategy. Not sure how far along you are in your efforts but I would like to offer my help. Do you have a master plan developed? What did the owners of our building say about putting trees out front?


    • Katherine says:


      I have “Permission to Plant” forms signed by the retail owner of the Little Tokyo Lofts & the Brownstone SRO across the street-so far this is (5) trees. I would like this project to be the first of many in the years to come. Please email me directly concerning a “master plan”. Currently there isn’t one for Skid Row, or for the entire city of Los Angeles as I have learned. Other large cities have “master tree plans”, but LA does not. Please email directly at and I can show you a list of all the empty tree wells in Skid Row as developed by the LACC a couple of years ago.

  4. SLB says:


    Congratulations, this is a truly beautiful initiative. Let us know how can we support you and get involved.



  5. Katherine says:


    Currently, I am trying to put people together to create a Master Tree Plan for Skid Row. Additionally, I am looking for private funding to care for any new trees planted here-the resources for this area are, as of now, needed for crime prevention and trash removal (positive things are happening in the neighborhood due to this targeted effort). I have done some preliminary research on the types of trees that would do well in this part of Downtown LA, but, as much input as possible, from as many creative minds as I can get, is more than welcome!

  6. Hi Katherine! Great Work you are doing, Keep it Up! I will keep following & sharing your stories !

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