(Meeting this Monday) PLAN FOR HOPE: A Los Angeles community response to the homeless crisis

I haven’t been around the neighborhood all that long, but I have been around long enough to hear about at least one other “Plan” for Skid Row & homelessness in the City of  Los Angeles- that one being, Home For Good. Home For Good was supposed to solve homelessness in Los Angeles in 5 years. They announced that they would do this about 4 years ago.

Those that have been around longer than myself tell me there is a new “Plan” every few years.

Well, Home For Good did nothing to improve the conditions in Skid Row, so this new targeted plan specifically for Skid Row is now on the table. Skid Row certainly does need it’s own special plan- we are a City within a City. I will be attending this meeting on Monday for sure– mainly to hear what others who live outside the Community think needs to be done. Also, I want to lend my support for mobile toilets, which is mentioned in the plan & I think a brilliant idea.

My personal opinion is that housing alone will do nothing to “fix” Skid Row. I would even go as far as saying another 10,000 units of housing in & around downtown will not fix Skid Row. Really drastic decisions need to be made to “fix” the neighborhood. People get out of jail & off the bus every single day & come here for help or to hustle. It will only increase in the near future considering the implications of AB109 as well as the human toll extreme income inequality is inflicting on our Nation.

Link to the Plan for Hope website is HERE.

plan for hope

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1 Response to (Meeting this Monday) PLAN FOR HOPE: A Los Angeles community response to the homeless crisis

  1. very very nice. along with skid row needing its own special plan….every single person educated or who work in urban planning or community organizing knows that the future of skid row being discussed without the people of the community in the foundation of the discussion is absolutely wrong

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