Operation Healthy Streets Press Conference Tomorrow at 9:00 AM

Sara Hernandez at the 2014 Dog Day Afternoon hosted by Hal Bastian , pic courtesy of www.bisnow.com

Sara Hernandez at the DTLA 2014 Dog Day Afternoon hosted by Hal Bastian, pic courtesy of www.bisnow.com

(From Sara Hernandez, Downtown Area Director and Special Counsel Office of Councilmember José Huizar, CD 14- meeting to take place Tues. Morning 8/5/14)

Hi All,

Wanted to give you the heads up that my boss will be announcing a new City and County collaboration around Operation Healthy Streets in Skid Row tomorrow at 9:00 AM on the City Hall South Lawn. 

As a Downtown stakeholder who has expressed interest in homelessness and Skid Row issues, the Councilmember would like to invite you to attend this announcement.

For those of you who don’t know, our office has been working to coordinate City and County departments  around the city’s comprehensive cleanups that happen every other month in Skid Row. In an effort to go beyond street cleaning, the County will now be working alongside this effort to provide  social, medical and mental health services to people who need and want it prior to the street cleanings that happen under Operation Healthy Streets.

Participating agencies and offices include Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas’ Office,  LAPD, County Department of Mental Health, County Department of Health Services, County Department of Public Health, City Attorney’s Office, LAHSA, Bureau of Street Services and Bureau of Sanitation. The effort will start out small, and hopefully we can build off it and learn how to more effectively coordinate and deliver services with each cleaning.

While this is very last minute, we wanted to make sure you were informed.

Sara Hernandez


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