Skid Row Community Meeting video

From Pastor Cue:

Hello all, thank you for attending the Skid Row Community Meeting last Friday evening May 30th 2014. Below is a YouTube link to the discussion, please share it. I thought the volume was a little low but maybe your speakers are better than mine.

Among attendees: representative from the Midnight mission, Downtown women’s center, Officer Deon from LAPD, Members from Central City Church, Rep form Operation Facelift, Rep DLANC, Issues and Solutions, Members of The Row; The Church Without Walls, Rep from UCCep, and many more.

We discussed feeding the homeless by Churches and Community groups that come to Skid Row to feed and how it affects the community positively and negatively.

We got perspective from Leaders, and community members and many others.

Thank you so much for your contributions to the Skid Row community.

Please Share this with your entire network because some of the emails were not legible, I may have entered some incorrectly. Also share it with Pastors of Churches who did not attend the meeting.

Lastly we did a Survey about a Month ago and have gotten some of the Data back. I will be sharing some of that soon.

thanks again, blessings to all,

Pastor Cue

Pastor Cue Jn-Marie

The Row La

The Church Without Walls

Where the Gospel is Airborne!

Winston Street and Wall Street, Skid Row
 Los Angeles  California 90013

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