Skid Row Community Meeting – Friday, May 30th 2014 @ 7pm.


This will be a discussion regarding Skid Row. We would like to hear from as many leaders as possible such as Missions, law enforcement, non-profits, Community leaders, etc.

1) The issue of churches and groups coming to Skid Row to feed. Some believe it undermines the work of the Missions and keeps people from taking advantage of the Mission’s programs.

2) The potential of legally stopping non-commercial feeding in the City of Los Angeles.

3) The Voice of the people of Skid Row (insight from a survey we Administered by Church Without Walls and Community partners).

4) Grassroots leaders of Skid Row.

5) Discuss the best ways to assist the Community.

We invite you to join us to share your perspective and to hear the perspective of others.

We all want solutions that work for one of LA’s most vulnerable communities.

After the meeting we will join our prayer team in a 24 hour prayer Vigil for the Community of Skid Row, we hope you can join us.

Pastor Cue

Pastor Cue Jn-Marie
The Row La

The Church Without Walls
Where the Gospel is Airborne!

Winston Street and Wall Street, Skid Row
 Los Angeles  California 90013


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