Parade Day & a jumper

5th & San Pedro St. last Sat. morning @ 11am

5th & San Pedro St. last Sat. morning @ 11am

Last Saturday morning was the 2nd Los Angeles Poverty Department “Walk the Talk Parade”. The LA Times covered it & wrote up a nice piece about it here. As I walked out of my place, ready to hoof it to 6th & Gladys, I was detoured from my corner @ 5th & San Pedro because of a possible jumper up on the billboard at the southeast corner. My picture above isn’t real clear, but if you look directly on top of the light-post, you can see a man sitting up on the ledge. There were a slew of fire trucks, police cars, CCEA BID staff on bikes & onlookers. The crowd was strangely quiet. There was a large blow-up cushion  just under the billboard & several cranes, so I assumed at some point the man would be rescued.

On to the parade I went. Matt Nisbet and some of his newly graduating students from The Kings Academy who had visited Skid Row last year on a service trip, had driven down from Northern California to drop off some more Funky Trash Cans. It just so happened that they showed up on parade day- their gifts of decorated trash bins & carefully packaged hygiene kits for the homeless adding to the festive mood already brewing in Gladys Park.

Pic by Crushow Herring

Pic by Crushow Herring

Fire Station 9 is a legend in Skid Row-they got some love during the parade route!


On my way home I stopped to talk to some people at the corner of 5th & San Pedro, where I had seen the man on top of the billboard. People were saying that the man was “shot” & taken to a hospital. Later in the weekend, I heard that the man was tasered & later died. This is all the info I have as of now on the would be jumper on the billboard & I got it from Ms. Teodorescu on the Facebook group #dtla here.

This morning on my way to work, these flowers were laid at the the corner of 5th & San Pedro St. below the billboard. RIP sir, RIP. Tony Anthony on his blog, The Tony Report, has more photo coverage of the aftermath at 5th & Pedro here.

mms_picture (2)


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