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LA 2050

After work on Tuesday, Brit and Katie headed to the Downtown Women’s Center to be part of  an #LA2050Listens community discussion. This series of events are an initiative of the Goldhirsch Foundation aiming “to challenge the status quo and demand more for the future of our region—and to build and shape Los Angeles as a thriving metropolis and hub of 21st Century citizenry.”1 They want to create a space where leaders, businesses, organizations and residents get together and dialogue about a certain Los Angeles area. Attendees chat about the problems and solutions specific to that neighborhoods in the categories of education, income & employment, housing, public safety, health, environmental quality, social connectedness, and arts & cultural vitality. There are 20 of these events being held all over Los Angeles in April and May as a way to give a voice to those who best know these neighborhoods and to brainstorm…

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3 Responses to Skid Row Speaks Out

  1. very cool…   I know people at the Giving Keys.  A huge part of what they do is hire the homeless and immerse themselves in the surrounding issues.  They logged the night through the grid of their mission statement.    

  2. Thanks so much for posting this!

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