COSLA Meeting March. 6th, 2014 (Skid Row specific) as explained by Tom Grode


TIME: 1:00 PM TO 2:30 PM
              802 EAST 6TH ST.


FOR MORE INFO: Sara Hrynik at or 303-669-9996 or Melinda Gejer at or 213-202-2602



(COSLA, explained by Tom Grode):

Creative Open Space Los Angeles – Downtown (COSLA-Downtown) is a project spearheaded by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks that is completely driven by community inputCommunity input isn’t an aspect of COSLA; it’s the essence of it. RAP (Rec & Parks) will be gathering input through surveys and workshops to ask stakeholders to identify ways to create a greener, more livable Downtown alternative to large, traditional park space, as well as identifying locations or areas where these creative open spaces should be.

Walking every street and alley in DTLA.  That began Creative Open Space Los Angeles (COSLA), courtesy of the feet of Melinda Gejer and Sara Hrynik.

A never-been-done-before community focused approach to urban planning, Melinda Gejer, City Planning Associate with Rec and Parks, and Sara Hrynik, Student Worker with Rec and Parks, combined their discoveries of hidden and undeveloped space with eight basic uses of open space: Community Garden, Pocket Park, Green Alley, Pedestrian Street, Parklet, Farmers Market, Plaza/Town Square, and Pedestrian Amenities.

The weekly Skid Row Park Committee held at UCEPP (United Coalition East Prevention Project) welcomed Gejer and Hrynik to their December 6th meeting after Katherine McNenny suggested they attend, knowing that representitives from Council District 14 would be there too. Katherine became aware of the UCEPP meetings through knowing Kevin Michael Key, who is very active with the DLANC Parks Committee and is a sitting Board Member of DLANC (Katherine being the Public Chair of the DLANC Parks Committee). Community park volunteers enthusiastically embraced the chance to “vote” for uses of open space and get the word out to Skid Row.

Gejer and Hrynik, along with several USC interns, will be collecting public input through the questionaire for the next couple months.  The next step will be to pull it all together into a preliminary report to then have another series of public gatherings.

Creative Open Space Los Angeles is expected to finish the summer of 2014 and the result will be a comprehensive look at community priorities distributed to all parts of City government and every non-profit in DTLA.

By Tom Grode

Blogger’s note: The views expressed in this blog post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Trees on San Pedro Street Project editrix, Ms. McNenny. This is a Community improvement blog and not faith-based.

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