Bus Benches come to Skid Row, in Haiku

The bus benches green

as palm trees in desert sand

folks rose up to sit

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You may be wondering why I posted these pictures of people (including myself) sitting on bus benches and why this deserves a Haiku. These are not just any bus benches- these are the only bus benches that have been placed on the public sidewalks in the heart of Skid Row for as long as anyone can remember. These benches were brought to the Community by the Skid Row Public Space Task Force. This effort to get these new benches here was a 100% grassroots, resident-based project- by the people, for the people- so that the people can sit down at last.

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1 Response to Bus Benches come to Skid Row, in Haiku

  1. Bob says:

    It’s amazing that the things I just take for granted where I live does not exist in skid row… public restrooms, trash cans, and benches to sit on are luxuries there… thanks for being a “voice” for those in the community that have no voice.

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