a few less Ficus trees on San Pedro Street


Southwest corner of 5th and San Pedro St. this past weekend

This corner, which is just down and across the street from my building, is rapidly shifting. A project called “The Gateway”, which is an SRO Housing Corp. building, is going up as I write this. No word yet on who they will be housing. This post is not about the building though. This post is to point out that up until fairly recently, this corner had several huge Ficus trees holding court here.

Same corner with Ficus trees before construction

Same corner with Ficus trees before construction

Because I am obviously a tree-lover, and because I dedicated this blog to the promotion of more trees for Skid Row specifically, you may think I have a problem with this. I admit, I cringed slightly- we still lack living green things here something terrible, but planting these Ficus trees were one of the worst decisions that the City of LA has every made in my opinion. They tear up sidewalks, and in this neighborhood, with so many folks physically disabled, these trees don’t make a whole lot of sense. I just hope other more appropriate street trees get planted in their place.

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