BigBelly Solar trash cans, Part 3 (Happy 4th)!

The Nickel-1

See my previous posts about BigBellies here and here. This go ’round, I thought I would just use some crafty creative visualization and put one of these green machines on the streets here myself (if only in my imagination… for now).

Of course this is not the ONLY place a BigBelly Solar Trash Compactor would be good in Skid Row- we need them all over this place! I just thought this background photo of the Nickel was a nice blank canvas, ripe for tinkering with.

With the City of LA recently allocating 1.5 million dollars for Operation Healthy Streets, it has been suggested to me (thanks for the idea- you know who you are) that this might be prime time to hit up “the City” for some of these BigBellies. Hmmmm…couldn’t hurt to ask, right?

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