Join Us to Plant Trees on the 27th!

This project was about 1 year in the making. Thing is with urban forestry- the very fact that you are planting trees in the public realm, necessitates interactions of many types and lots of logistics. There is cutting concrete– and before that, there is actually getting the permission of those that want trees in front of their properties. This being an industrial district, with all sorts of shipping and receiving going on- there are also considerations for where trucks are going to be backing up and pulling in.

This tree planting has had a working name of the “Skidrokyo Tree Planting”- this name was given to this little alcove by a new pub called the Escondite (try the frys), and the name stuck- us locals dig it. This is an area that is just at the border of Little Tokyo and Skid Row- between 3rd and 4th on Boyd and Omar Streets, just east of San Pedro Street. It is a quiet little area, and I think it is going to look a whole lot more lush with some new trees.

I am very excited that this project is being supported by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Million Trees LA!

Additional thanks to:

 Mr. Kurata
The Los Angeles Conservation Corp
General Jeff
The Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
The Bridge @ Union Church LA
Ur-Bin Garden Network
Bill Long of Valley Crest Tree Company

We will be planting some “Prunus Kwanzan” trees, or Cherry Blossom trees & Australian Willow (Geijera parviflora) trees too. These Cherry trees are special trees, which are being planted to express a bridge between the Little Tokyo community and Skid Row. The Cherry trees are all the way up in Northern California at the moment (see below)- and are currently en route down south to be planted here on the 27th.

24 Prunus s. 'Kwanzan' 510 0113

This is what a "mature" Cherry Blossom look like- pretty, huh?

This is what a “mature” Cherry Blossom looks like- pretty, huh?


This is an Australian Willow tree- a bushy evergreen

We at Industrial District Green invite all who are interested to come out for a fun day of tree-planting!

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2 Responses to Join Us to Plant Trees on the 27th!

  1. Wow….I feel like I just got a Forestry degree online! This is terrific

  2. Cool graphic on the poster!

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