Reminder- “Trees” is not faith-based blog


I thought it might be time to reiterate that my blog is not faith-based. Tom Grode, who has been sharing some of his stories and thoughts on this outlet comes to his service in Skid Row as a Christian. That’s cool- I understand and respect this- and I appreciate his participation so much.

But, I take my stance of “non faith-based” very seriously.

I see tolerance of all faiths and types of folks as key.

Walking the streets of Skid Row, getting to know many here- I have personally witnessed people and groups of ALL faiths or no particular faith at all-descend upon this neighborhood with the goal of caring for the less fortunate. No one faith has cornered the market on compassion.

This is why I put a disclaimer at the end of a lot of posts written by others.

Street preaching has been a part of Skid Row’s history going back over 100 years, and the faith-based groups that are here and come here to serve, are part of the fabric of the Community. They have often stepped up, when no other governmental agency has done so in relation to caring for the homeless and downtrodden.

I am hoping in time- others might feel open to sharing their stories with me on this blog- and if their faith is part of their story, so be it!

All faiths are welcome in Skid Row. Acceptance is my favorite thing about this place, my home.

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