bike lanes for 7th, through the ‘hood!

I spent this past Valentines Day at a LADOT hearing about proposed bike lanes for Los Angeles. It was romantic in it’s own way. I showed up because I fully support the lane set to be laid out on 7th St. – this is a big deal! What was great, was that there were some other folks who showed up too in support of the bike lane for this particular Skid Row stretch- allies I did not even know existed!


Already Main St. has a dedicated bike lane- which is @ Skid Row’s western most border. 7th St. is also a border of Skid Row- but I am claimin’ it.

Purple line along 7th shows where a new bike lane will be

Purple line along 7th shows where a new bike lane will be

What I really adore about this LADOT map is that if you look closley, you can see “Skid Row” on it! Thank you LADOT Bike Program- nice of you to recognize us over here- cough, cough- not everyone does.

As I have blogged about before– I don’t even own a bike, but I do realize that many, many here in the Community DO! In addition, bike lanes improve the health of communities.

I found this random video of someone biking 7th St- check it out- wouldn’t this be better with an actual bike lane- not only that, but more TREES (see upcoming blog post for info on this)!:

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