Bathrooms and Sanitation Crisis/ new blog


Click here to read a newly launched blog from a group called the Homeless Advocacy Group which states as their purpose, “Educating the Public about Community Issues in Downtown LA”.

This group will be pushing for more public restrooms in downtown Los Angeles. I support them wholeheartedly in this.

If you have any interest in Skid Row at all or have walked around here, you are probably aware of the continuing and longstanding proliferation of human waste on our streets. The smell throughout most of the area is a pungent stale urine smell, and often referred to by locals as the “Skid Row Stench”.

For myself, being not only a stakeholder but also a student of Skid Row history and now actively involved with the betterment of its public space, I am well aware of the past problems with restroom facilities for this area. I have read news articles going back 5 yrs, 10 yrs., even 15 yrs….that read like they could have been written yesterday- all about the lack of public restrooms for the homeless and the poo and pee on the streets. This “problem” has never been fully or adequately addressed. And now, with downtown quickly gaining residents, tourists and even more homeless- this “problem” seems more acute than ever. In 2012, a valuable document produced by the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department recommended more public restrooms for Skid Row specifically which has yet to be acted upon.

We must all share the sidewalks in downtown Los Angeles. Things must change.  Even the LA Times agrees.

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