trash update for 5th St. (the Nickel)

@ 5th and Los Angeles St looking east- entering in a “no-BID” area- notice the trash in the gutters

Last night I took a leisurely stroll down the Nickel with an Operation Face-Lift tour-guide.  The night air was warm and many Skidrowians were out socializing and enjoying the evening (course there are no benches available for them to sit on at night, but I’ll get to that issue soon). This walk had a purpose and the purpose was to determine the status of the trash in our streets in the middle of an Operation Healthy Streets scheduled “touch up”.

Since the City has implemented this program of deep cleaning my neighborhood’s streets, many of the social services have upped their own schedules of power-washing and sweeping around their buildings. Still, we continue to have too much trash in our streets and the area that is without a BID- between 3rd and 7th and San Pedro to Los Angeles St. is still problematic. I will mention again that the Fashion District BID empties the trash cans on San Julian St. between 7th and 6th as charity for our Community and this is so helpful.

@ 5th and Wall looking north- the new-ish garbage can is helping a lot, but as you can see we still need more cans

There is no question that the City’s power-washing of our sidewalks has made the quality of life more bearable and the new white mesh trash cans in the Toy district have kept tons of trash off the ground that was previously ending up on the street but as you can see, we still need more cans.

This City trash receptacle is at 5th and Stanford Ave. There are people living next to it. This can was full and seems to be in a good place.

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  1. I love the nickel blog you linked to

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