my friend Paul and LALA’s PUBLIC WORKS BILLBOARD in Skid Row

my friend Paul and Daniel Lahoda in front of an ART billboard in on Central

This afternoon I met up with a fellow gardening enthusiast and new friend of mine named Paul. I met Paul at a Skid Row Housing Trust Community Supper last year and we bonded over trees and flowers and such things. We both agree that Skid Row needs more green stuff. Paul has enlightened me on the fact that birds who nest in trees would also be a welcome addition to the neighborhood for the pleasant naturalistic sounds they make.

So as I was driving down Central St. near Gladys Ave. with Paul I pulled over to get a closer look at this new billboard. It caught my eye because it had ART on it instead of an advertisement.  I was only vaguely aware of some program currently being rolled out to replace paid billboard ads with ART, in that I have been eyeing a huge billboard on Jefferson Blvd. in Culver City next to the new metro line with a huge ART print on it with only the text “PUBLIC WORKS” at the bottom right hand corner. This billboard had the same text AND its in Skid Row proper!

From the car, Paul said, “Hey, that’s Daniel Lahoda right there, he is working with Skid Row Housing Trust on the new mural on the side of the La Americas building on 7th St.“.

So, we got out of the car and spoke with Daniel a bit. Turns out the ART billboards are of his making. To learn about his program click here.

And, Daniel plans more ART for Skid Row.

Skid Row needs more public art, that’s for sure—Daniel, I will be following your moves- keep it real and make sure to involve the people who live here and you cannot go wrong!

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  1. very cool….never been to Willow and it looks like a great space

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