Downtown LA Neighborhood Councilman harassed, handcuffed and ticketed by LAPD

General Jeff

OG Man (Manuel Compito)

My thoughts on this incident? General Jeff should not have been handcuffed for simply hanging out on the Street, especially San Julian and 5th, an area where dozens of people are constantly hanging out 24/7- an area near a park- one of our only open and green spaces in all of Skid Row (we have Gladys Park too, but not much grass there), and, an area near a market.

What OG says is so true- it is part of Skid Row culture to walk in the street on San Julian. People have been doing it for decades. Plus, you would seem like a complete tool walking specifically on the sidewalks on San Julian Street- its just not done.

My personal feeling is that this street should be redesigned with all this in mind- maybe making the sidewalks wider and putting in some benches. Respecting the culture here would go a long way towards any misunderstndings with law enforcement in the future.

Strolling San Julian Street

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