street light update for Skid Row 9/24/2012

By Hal McMath

A couple weeks ago we performed what is turning into a tri-annual ritual of counting inoperative streetlights in the Skid Row area. The first time back in November we counted over 70 outed streetlights in the area bounded by Los Angeles, Central, 4th and 7th. Back in spring we did another count and found most of the outed lights from the previous inventory had been repaired but noted approximately 30 or so additional inoperative lights.

Happily most of these appear to have been repaired as of our last count from 2 weeks ago. But again we found an additional 35 outed lights this time. A list of these will be sent to the Bureau of Street Lighting for repair but the question now emerging is whether or not this level of attrition is usual for a district of this size in LA. LAPD says that copper theft is a bigger problem here than elsewhere but most of the broken lights showed no signs of tampering. Either way we will continue to demand action on this as long as is necessary and until the city begins to step up and provide the basic municipal services that as residents we have every right to expect.

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