Operation Healthy Streets patches over rat-holes on Winston St.

Newly asphalt-ed gutter @ Winston & Wall St. in the Toy district

Operation Healthy Streets continues to tackle some of the horrid street conditions in Skid Row as directed by the recent LA County Health report. I drove home last Thursday to see some fresh asphalt spackled over the previously crumbling curbside at the northeast corner of Winston & Wall Streets in the Toy district, right next to this gem of a building, the old Wolfer Printing Company Building @ the corner here. Sure, concrete would have been preferable to asphalt, but I’m not complaining- the rest of the City is currently getting asphalt patches to fix their sidewalks too. This issue is getting hotly debated as I write this, and soon we in Los Angeles may be getting improved sidewalks all over.

So many of the streets in Skid Row are in such poor condition, but beginning to fix curbs that acted as rat-holes first, seems like a good place to start. I am seeing less rats than I did 6 months ago, but the infestation will need constant maintenance to keep it at bay.

As seen on San Julian Street in May of 2012– before Operation Healthy Streets started. See dead rat next to drainage opening on curb.

Dead rat on San Julian & 6th St., the day before Operation Healthy Streets began.

I have a special folder on my computer full of dead rat photos taken in Skid Row and I am not afraid to use them when I need to make a point.

I do feel that things are looking up though, and that the days of ghastly street conditions in Skid Row are coming to an end. Thanks to the Mayor, the many local activists I have documented on my blog as well as Civic and private business leaders who are all finally coming together to: Fix. This. Mess.

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2 Responses to Operation Healthy Streets patches over rat-holes on Winston St.

  1. Yikes! Slow and steady wins the race.

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