Poem by Tom Grode

Below is a poem that a new friend of mine and “friend of Skid Row”, Tom,  recently emailed me. Tom has been helping with Skid Row clean-ups and is a “refugee” from the Westside. I will probably continue to tease him about “defecting” east over to downtown indefinitely . Thanks Tom!


Garbage in the gutter
Will the street get cleaned…..when…..who?
Off in the distance see some trees.  Tall trees.
On the rooftop see lots more.  So many.
Looks so normal, relaxed, like anything else would be strangely disconnected.
On the rooftop are the elements.  And a simplicity.
But trees are in the ground, the dirt.  The roots go deep and create another world.  Even simpler.
By Tom Grode

Tom sweeping on San Julian Street

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