the “Skid Row Beautification Team” forms, & works Winston St. (UPDATES!)

This went up recenly on Winston St. between Los Angeles St. & Main St. Looks like there is now a “Skid Row Beautification Team”…I mean…wow…this is NEEDED (and appreciated by me personally- I mean, I can die now). Man One ( is the De facto ringleader of this new team, as I understand things- from Crewest Gallery @ 110 Winston Street.  Check out more photos of this going up here:

Unfortunately, yesterday morning it got painted over by a Graffiti Removal “crew”.

photos by Stephen Zeigler of 118 WINSTON art gallery

This sign went up shortly after the brown paint appeared.

photos by Stephen Zeigler of 118 WINSTON art gallery

Your play, “Skid Row Beautification Team“…what’cha got next? This stretch could use a couple of trees…you know how to find me if you guys wanna supplement the art (which I am hoping will return) with some green- think about it.


The LAWEEKLY Arts News blog has a rundown of this occurrence/controversy. To read the piece, click here.

And another bit of information in the form of a tweet, from the Los Angeles Office of Community Beautification.

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