Skid Row “Operation Healthy Streets” begins tomorrow

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa





(below is from Estela Lopez, Executive Director of the Central City East Association/CCEA)


CCEA has been working closely with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office for the past three weeks, and I am delighted to announce that beginning tomorrow there will be a new and vigorous effort – “Operation Healthy Streets” – dedicated to restoring public health and safety to the streets and sidewalks of skid row.

“Operation Healthy Streets” will address the accumulation of possessions on skid row sidewalks with a diversified approach.

Outreach workers began distributing flyers over the weekend ordering all personal belongings removed from the sidewalk.  The City will clean and disinfect the sidewalks and streets starting with Gladys St. between 5th & 7th Streets tomorrow morning. 

The homeless will have the ability to safely store personal possessions at CCEA’s Check-In Center at 1215 E. 7th Street .  For the past ten years, CCEA has offered this voluntary storage facility to encourage homeless individuals to keep their belongings off the sidewalks.  To accommodate the anticipated increase in demand, the Mayor’s office generously identified the funding necessary for CCEA to increase the Check-In Center ’s capacity from 635 storage bins to 1135 bins, and the personnel required to serve a greater number of people.  We are deeply grateful for this funding, and for being selected by Mayor Villaraigosa to assist Operation Healthy Streets.

Items that are not stored at the Check-In Center will not be allowed to remain on the sidewalk.  Those deemed a health hazard will be removed and disposed of safely by the City.  The remaining items will be removed and stored at a secure location near the intersection of Temple and Alameda Sts. downtown, where they will be held for a maximum of 90 days for their owners to claim.  These items will be removed again if they are found back on sidewalks in skid row.

The City is also increasing its funding commitment to area social service providers to keep public bathrooms open extended hours to serve both men and women.

We will keep you updated on any developments that may affect you or your business.  Please contact our office if we can be of assistance.


Estela Lopez, Executive Director

Central City East Association (CCEA)

Arts District BID / Downtown Industrial District BID

725 Crocker Street

Los Angeles, CA   90021

213 228 8484 – tel

213 228 8488 – fax

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1 Response to Skid Row “Operation Healthy Streets” begins tomorrow

  1. Tex Shablach says:

    Let’s hope by keeping bathrooms open “extended” hours they mean 24. People go all hours of the day–they’ll drop drawers in the middle of Main Street. No foolin. Why is this humane and okay? Too,too many people in one spot with no place to go. Uncool.

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