WATERSHED PROTECTION, HAZ-MAT & VACTOR2100 trucks ALL roll into the ‘Row today!

on 5th St. this morning near Towne Ave.- from left to right, the Haz-Mat truck, the Vactor2100 truck and the Watershed Protection truck all in a row and ON the’Row- cleanin’ stuff!

Heavens! Skid Row is getting a lot of love from the City of Los Angeles recently. And, I’m here to document as much as I can (given my 9-5 gig).

As I was walking over to sweep up San Julian Street this morning to participate in Operation Face-Lift/Skid Row, I looked east down 5th Street and saw a whole lot of action- the good kind of action.

the Haz-Mat truck was power-washing the sidewalks with cleanser

the Watershed Protection truck was back to clear more storm-drains

the Vactor2100 truck, for deeper work in our sewers and rats!

I have heard rumors of this Vactor2100 truck coming to the neighborhood years ago, before I got here- mainly to suck rats out of the storm-drains and sewer systems in Skid Row. Many locals agreed that it was time again to deal with this rodent issue. Thankfully, the City of Los Angeles has been listening to the suggestions of the local Community members. This is welcome attention to the streets here and I predict just the beginning of what will come soon to this often neglected neighborhood. I feel change in the air, do you?

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