Sergio helps water the trees on San Pedro Street

Sergio from the neighborhood stops to help water the trees

I was out watering the trees last week, when a fellow named Sergio stopped to ask me if I needed any help. I said,

“Sure, grab a bucket”.

Sergio then proceeded to take over and water the trees for a bit. In our conversation, I learned that Sergio has recently completed training to be a Gardener-Plus. Meaning, not only does he now know how to garden using native California plants but he can hook up the plumbing for watering systems too. I pointed across the street to the Downtown Women’s Center and asked if the pretty, bushy grass was native to this area. He said no, he thought it was from China- Deergrass being a native variety that looks similar. The man knew his natives it seemed.

Sergio then noticed that one of my trees had a line of ants climbing up it. He said that I should prepare a salve of olive oil, Tee Tree oil and a little bit of dishwashing liquid then rub in on the bark. He said that the ants wont like this. Who knew? Not me…but Sergio knows this stuff!

Sergio mixing in some “worm tea” into the water

From my recent visit to TreePeople headquarters, I brought back home to Skid Row a special concoction that one of the staff members left for me there. Worm Tea. Apparently, this is like ambrosia for plant life. It took me a while to get over the gross factor, but upon further researching, I realized that it would be good for our trees.

Lastly, can I just say…that it’s starring to get ridiculous how many out of work landscapers I meet in Skid Row who come up to me while watering these trees or tending to one of the Skid Row Guerrilla Gardens. There is such an obvious solution to this, which I will get to soon…

In the meantime, if any of you fancy Beverly Hills folks with a lot of  land need a Gardener-Plus- I am pretty certain that I know how to track Sergio down. The man knows his stuff and is exceedingly kind and personable. Holla’ back if you do at

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