“Skidrokyo” tree-walk

tree-supporters unite here for the “tree-walk”- from left to right, Stephanie, Kevyn, Tim  & Meghan

Last week, there convened a group of us, to do a “tree-walk” with  Meghan Shearer from the LA Conservation Corps in the part of town now known to us locals as Skidrokyo (so named by the new pub owners @ Boyd & San Pedro Street, the Escondite). This little nook is technically in Skid Row, because its south of 3rd- but right on the border of Little Tokyo- thus, the catchy name.

I feel it nessisary to document how this came about, since I’m weird like that. It started with a Guerrilla Garden I put in @ the corner of Boyd & San Pedro St. with General Jeff and Scott from SoCal Guerrilla Gardening. While doing this planting, Scott kept eyeing the empty dirt patch across the street at the medical building as a place to plant more stuff. General Jeff then tracked down Kevyn, the manager of this building. I proceeded to get Kevyn’s permission to plop some succulents in over there too. I mentioned to Kevyn that if he ever wanted to talk about trees for this area, to let me know. He talked this over with the management of the building, and wha-la, they like and want more trees in this ‘hood too!

At the same time, I have recently met Pastor Tim Yee from Union Church @ 3rd & San Pedro Street, as well as many of his congregants. They are a vibrant and growing faith community interested is “Blessing the City”. They know I am a tree-nerd and would like to get involved with a future planting. I put everyone together for this  “tree-walk” in the hopes of a “tree-bridge” happening here in this quiet little industrial enclave.

Stephanie with Meghan on Omar Street here, learning about planting street trees

Meghan from the LACC maps out where potential trees could go, granted we get the permission of the landowners.

Meghan’s notebook- it says, “Skid Row” on it- so I had to get a shot for posterity

We found 21 potential tree spots on Omar, Boyd and San Pedro Streets.  We found 2 dead trees on the walk that need to be removed.  Omar is a darling little street by the way, only 2 blocks long and very narrow with tons of light- it would be incredible with more trees on it.

dead tree on Boyd

The next steps are to see how the local landowners feel about more trees, then to discuss what type of trees would be best here. The planting would take place in the Fall if all goes well. Planting trees in an urban enviorment involves community building- my favorite part.

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