Skid Row Community Clean-Up day, by Mr. Brady Metcalfe


sweepers on 6th St. in Skid Row- in green are some LA Conseration Corps folks, in red are the Wells Fargo volunteers

I wish to sincerely thank Mr. Brady Metcalfe of Universal Protection Service for organizing last Saturday’s Skid Row Community Clean-Up day. I was encouraged to see such a stong show of volunteerism for something so needed in this community- street sweeping and power-washing!

Arturo Gonzalez of CD14 brings some supplies to the event

I want to also thank the many volunteers that showed up- some that I saw personally were Arturo Gonzalez of CD14  (bringing cleaning supplies to the event), all the downtown BIDS- the CCEA, the Fashion District BID, the South Park BID, and the Historic Core BID- with Blair Beston out there (nice to finally meet her in person)- there was the LAPD, with Captain Horace Frank of Central Division there, the LA Conservation Corps, some Wells Fargo volunteers, Don Garza (treasure-trove of Skid Row history and new acquaintance of mine) and many, many more individuals who showed up on their own.

power washing San Julian @ 6th- nice!

gentleman from the Arts district came to help out, pictured with Coach Ron (in orange vest)

the storm gutter on the northeast corner of San Julian & 6th, which I have written about before, is a serious health hazard- this drain has been constantly clogged with trash as long as anyone can remember and at night, rats scurry out of it- this is the first of a few pics of what came out of it on Saturday…

… look at that sludge…

…the smell coming out of this gutter was putrid

10 full garbage bags were filled with debris that came out of this gutter, and there was still garbage piled high in there- what is needed to clear it now, is a large industrial vacuum- then, this thing needs to be grated so that more trash does not keep getting in

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2 Responses to Skid Row Community Clean-Up day, by Mr. Brady Metcalfe

  1. Michael says:

    Thank you!

  2. Jeff Hall says:

    Brady rocks. Know him professionally and he is a prince of a human being!

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