OPERATION FACE-LIFT 2012/Skid Row (help clean up Gladys Park, May 18-20)

The below message is from the office of Sherita Herring (http://sheritaherring.org/).

“Join me (Sherita Herring) at a place where lives are changed . . .

A lot of us are participating in Operation Facelift, a project to help clean up Gladys Park and the surrounding community.

May 18-20, 2012, from 6am — 4pm each day — I will be there on Friday, May 18th from 10a — 2p.

There will be music, Bar-B-Q, and other activities.

Highlighted for so many positive things and outcomes, Gladys Park and the programs that operate from there, i.e., Skid-Row 3-on-3 Basketball League, Skid-Row Boxing Club, Easter programs, artist festivals, etc., has a rich history, but it’s like a hidden secret. 

Speaking of secret, this historic area and programs have been featured on Secret Millionaire, honored at City Hall, had numerous articles in the Los Angeles Downtown News, and has been highlighted in countless movies, magazines, etc.

Gladys Park
6th Street and Gladys Avenue (east of downtown LA on 6th St.)

Sponsored by UCEPP, Row Vision, RCLG Foundation, OG-N-Service, Issues & Solutions

We need your help, so come join us . . . we’ll have lots of fun while making a difference!”

For more info, contact: Ingrid Cheng 



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