this is not acceptable. period.

notice the dead rat in the lower right hand corner? this is looking north on San Julian St. @ 6th

Please if you are reading this, take a good hard look at this photo. Look familiar? This one block on this one street is featured on just about every documentary, YouTube video upload and/or photo essay about Skid Row. This is San Julian Street from 6th to 5th.  It has been filthy, unwashed, rodent infested, human waste caked and trash strewn for decades. This is ground zero for Skid Row.

If you think you need to understand what is going on in Skid Row before forming an educated thought about this street- you don’t. Why do you think this one block continues to look the way it does?

Across town a new football stadium is looking good to get built in the next few years.

estimated cost:  $1.35 billion

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” –  Albert Einstein 
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