a little Sunday TLC for Skid Row’s Guerrilla Garden #1

my new neighbor came out to “Guerrilla Garden #1” today to help tend to the plants-thanks!

This little garden planted last year in the corner of the parking lot @ Boyd & San Pedro Streets is doing nicely. Click here to see what it looked like before these plants got plopped in. I saw a ladybug in the garden today- nature in Skid Row- whoohoo!

You can see there is a fair amount of ground cover that keeps sprouting up on the bare dirt- some of which I weed out- some I let be. That is what happens when you use free compost from the City. Yes, it’s free, and free things are good things, but there is also the likelyhood that your mix will have seeds in there that might grow into mystery plants.

I have a tendency to get slighly compulsive with things- like cleaning and rearranging items on a table- so I want this garden to be a lesson on letting go a bit- therapy for my too-orderliness. A little chaos is all part of the larger order of the universe…or something- anyways- I found this passage about gardens and it spoke to me, from the book, Gypsy Magic, by Patrinella Cooper:

You can create your own good place if you have a garden, no matter how small. The most essential thing is to love your garden. Some people love gardening – which is not the same thing. They spray, clip, weed and otherwise torture the place into their own tidy ideal, where nothing is allowed to live unless they put it there.

Your garden should have a life of it’s own. Let your plants climb and ramble a little, let a little untidiness creep in. There is no need to let the place become a complete jungle, but there should be no disciplined rows of half-hardy annuals, and definitely no weedkiller or slug bait.

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