TheEs Condite for St. Patrick’s Day (in Skid Row!)

me and an Es Condite bartenderess

I cruised over to the new neighborhood joint today, the TheEs Condite, for their  St. Patrick’s Day Backyard Blowout so that I could properly celebrate my Irish-ness. My last name IS McNenny, so I figured it would only be reasonable that I represent this part of my heritage with a warm cup of Irish Coffee (it’s raining today). Saw the below band jam. Band was solid, but the lead signer was slightly confused- he thought he was in the Arts district and made reference to “pretentious people”–someone needs to inform him that he wasn’t in no stinking Arts district- he was in Skid Row! (I kid, the Arts district is fabulous, obviously).

This St. Patrick’s Day got me to thinking about my father, Mr. McNenny- who has instituted a new family tradition after a recent trip he and my mother took to Ireland to reconnect with his roots. While there, they spent some quality time in the local pubs- and from this experience, my dad came back home with an old Irish folk song he now insists we sing during family get-togethers. What my family lacks in musical ability (we have none), we make up for in spirits…er, I mean spirit! Below is a clip of the song my dad brought back, “The Wild Rover“.

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1 Response to TheEs Condite for St. Patrick’s Day (in Skid Row!)

  1. I do believe I have sung this a time or two a la casa…

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