my stroll down San Julian St. on 3/11/2012

starting my late afternoon stroll going west on 5th from San Pedro St. towards San Julian St.

urine stain on side-walk- horrible stench on 5th.

San Julian Park closed at late afternoon on a Sunday- yet filled with trash

turning onto San Julian St.- the trash (mostly food and food related wrapping and containers from the church groups that come to feed) starts to become more pronounced- San Julian St. is an absolute disaster-zone on the weekends with so many open-air feedings, not enough trash receptacles and no cleaning services from he City whatsoever- also notice that open panel @ the bottom of the lightpost- this is indicative of pulled copper wiring- Skid Row has literally dozens of lightpoles out because the of this- I propose solar lighting because there are (2) recycling shops in the immediate area, making pulling copper wire for extra money very attractive to the local population

some trash here has been bagged, but there is no place to put these bags- there is only a group of local volunteers living in Skid Row that clear this

because of a lack of public restrooms for the amount of people on the streets here, many if not all crevices in the buildings on and around San Julian are essentially makeshift toilets making this one of the most egregious health hazards in this neighborhood considering there is no City or private entity power-washing away these sitting puddles of urine and feces

this is near the northwest corner of San Julian & 6th.- this gentleman was sweeping near his encampment to keep it tidy- this is the third homeless individual who I have personally witnessed sweeping around their living areas on the street- this man gave me permission to shoot him- the others did not- one of the things that Operation Face-Lift is doing is getting brooms into the hands of the homeless who want them and use them

this lovely lady also gave me permission to shoot her- I love her sassy pose- what I do NOT love is that ungrated storm drain clogged with garbage (which it always is) - this is at the northeast corner of 6th & San Julian St.- when I walk this street at night, I see swarms of rats crawling around this particular storm drain- this thing needs to be grated- is this not a crime?

slight detour here, but I had to capture the enormous garbage piles on 6th St- just west of San Julian St. again, this is fairly typical for a weekend- and again- this is a no-BID zone

6th. St. just a little west of San Julian St.

you can see the rat holes here in this view (on 6th.)

back on San Julian St.- this poor tree has it's well filled with standing fetid pools of urine and garbage- amazingly, this tree is alive- I saw green shoots

more crevices acting as urinals on San Julian St.

more mostly food-related garbage on San Julian St.

there is some beautiful Bougainvillea hanging over what I think is the VOA building on San Julian- the colorful petals trying their best to cover the garbage

bye-bye San Julian St. for today- your people are beautiful, the garbage is ugly- Operation Face-Lift/Skid Row 2012 plans to address this discrepancy

OPERATION FACE LIFT is an ongoing, seven days a week campaign. It’s going to be a “long campaign”. It’s designed to “up lift the people”, to change their mind-set, to restore the people’s self-esteem . Operation Face Lift is much more than cleaning the streets. It a spiritual movement with social implications.
Manuel Compito (OG Man)
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2 Responses to my stroll down San Julian St. on 3/11/2012

  1. Larry says:

    I commend those that are working to make life better for those that are homeless. On Skid Row and Julian in Downtown LA.I wish some charity organazation would help me take a group of kids from Arkansas out there. Somebody help me.

    • Katherine says:

      Hi Larry, there are many organizations and people that will walk with you down San Julian Street. If you come to town, let me know and I will put you in touch with some locals.

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