BigBelly Solar

By Hal McMath

The latest and greatest in green technology includes a solar powered trash compaction device that can handle up to 150 pounds of garbage between emptying cycles. Known as BigBelly Solar, the product is currently being rolled out in cities such as Chicago and Philadelphia. By increasing trash collection intervals, the technology is able to reduce the number of trips expensive and polluting municipal garbage truck fleets must make (garbage trucks consume over 1 billion gallons of diesel every year getting 3 MPG). Cities can thus cut the financial as well as environmental costs of frequent trash collection.

But the really exciting news is that The Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation is planning a pilot project for this service in the Skid Row area of downtown. The high volume of garbage generated in the heart of Skid Row makes this type of technology especially well-suited to the task at hand. This could eliminate the problem of insufficient and often overflowing conventional receptacles. With no Business Improvement District covering the area, innovative solutions such as this can go a long way towards achieving tangible progress on the ground. And with clean streets initiative Operation Facelift 2012 back on track, the timing could not be more fortuitous. For more info see Big Belly Solar.

The Bureau of Sanitation has really stepped up on the Skid Row/Toy district garbage problem and the results are showing!

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