update on new trash cans in the Toy district

SE corner of Los Angeles & 4th St. "I watched as people threw random garbage in this can that would normally wind up on the street." Stephen Zeigler — at Toy district downtown LA

This post is an update to a recent effort to improve the sanitary conditions in the Toy District by ordering 25 new white mesh trash cans to be placed in this area by the Bureau of Sanitation Department. See previous blog post here.

NW corner of Los Angeles & Winston St. "This corner is usually covered in piles of garbage." Stephen Zeigler — at Toy district downtown LA.

These new additional baskets placed in the Toy district are starting to make a big difference. The baskets are being used and it looks like most of what ends up in them are food related items.

Cleaner streets in this area are such a huge quality of life improvement not only for the neighborhood but for adjacent downtown districts as well.

Upon getting involved with sanitation issues for Skid Row, I have been activly seeing out other like-minded induviduals who want the same. Tooling around on a DTLA specific Facebook group recently lead me to a Mr. Stephen Zeigler who “Occupies” 118 WINSTON art gallery. Mr. Zeigler has a few of these new trash cans over on his end of Winston St. and has been reporting back that yes, they are being utilized for trash diposal and that he has seen a substantial improvement in the area’s cleanliness. The above pictures are from him as are the quotes attached.

All in all- a successful and promising program and one that we hope to continue with the Bureau of Sanitation.

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