Guerrilla Garden #2, planted!

Scott returns to Skid Row for the second time to plant stuff

Scott from Socal Guerrilla Gardening popped by the neighborhood again today to help plant our second Guerrilla Garden in Skid Row. The first one is directly across the street on the southeast corner of Boyd and San Pedro St. This one is on the northeast corner of Boyd and San Pedro. Boyd St. sure is getting green!

Scott has explained to me that my attempts at guerilla-style gardening in my ‘hood are not technically “guerrilla”. True guerrilla-style gardening is undercover of the night, without asking permission from anyone and specifically on public property. I get this- I like this idea- I think it’s one of the coolest things around. So, out of respect for Scott’s mission- I can’t actually be claiming I am a true guerrilla gardener just yet. I’m just…a gardener- but, an enthusiastic one! I figure since I’m trying to work with the City moving forward on several issues concerning greening- the prudent thing for me to do at this time, is to ask permission before planting things. The next time I do this though- it has got to be on public land in keeping with THE CAUSE. Once again, thank you Scott!


a landscaping pro showed up named Ralph- thanks, man!

Scott gives the succulents a little water before taking off

done deal!

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