Guerrilla Garden + murals in Culver City = sweet

underneath the Culver City Expo stop

The Metro’s Expo Gold Line stop is set to be completed this year with a Culver City stop coming direct from downtown Los Angeles. Like most Angelenos, I am anxiously awaiting this.

In the surrounding blocks of the soon-to-be Culver City stop, are some empty industrial buildings that have recently been decorated with some murals.

Last week more murals were added, along with what looks to me like some renegade-style Guerrilla Gardening. The effect is inviting.

I’m just wildly speculating, but maybe the owners of this space thought that by dressing it up, so to speak, with some art and greenery- this would spur interest in the building. I can see this site being perfect for a cafe and shopping once the Expo stop is completed.

I especially love this Palm planted in what looks to be a random hole in the asphalt.

It’s amazing to me what a little plant life and art can do to liven up a place. I see this style of  Guerrilla Gardening as akin to painting murals, only using living things as the paint. Creative!

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