Guerrilla Garden #2, coming soon

site of #2 Guerrilla Garden/Skid Row

composted-in preparation for planting something in the new year

Here is the site of the next Guerrilla Garden to be planted in Skid Row with the help and direction of Scott from SoCal Guerrilla Gardening . It’s right across the street from Guerrilla Garden #1.

Something similar for #2 is in the works, maybe with something in a bright color to really pop! If anybody wants to come visit the ‘Row and help plant stuff here- check out “Trees on San Pedro Street Project” on Facebook in January for deets.

Guerrilla Garden @ Boyd & San Pedro (#1)

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2 Responses to Guerrilla Garden #2, coming soon

  1. kyra says:

    Hey, I’m down to help! I missed the first training session so I’d maybe like to be part of the next! 🙂

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