planting my 1st Guerrilla Garden @ San Pedro & Boyd

planting completed

A couple of weekends ago, Scott, from  SoCal Guerrilla Gardening  made the trek out here to Skid Row to help me put some plants in my little patch of dirt. I had been patiently biding my time, waiting for this big moment. I have spent the last few months clearing the debris from this space as well as preparing the soil. Plants (and trees for that matter) just have a better time of it if they get planted in the cooler months. The rain helps living things chance of survival. Plant things in the hot summer months of Los Angeles, and your green things might get sunburned or not get enough water to take root.

Scott arrives

Scott arrived bright and early with a truck bursting full of succulents, garden tools and lots of good stories about Guerrilla Gardening to share.

General Jeff helps out

Local community activist and DLANC Board Member, General Jeff showed up to help plant too, as he supports all positive movements in the neighborhood.

What I thought would be fairly straightforward, took on new complexity as Scott explained there were tricks of the trade to help the plants thrive and grow best. Tilting the giant cacti is better for their stability, and making sure to form little berms around each plant so that the water that gets poured onto them doesn’t just stream away from where the roots sit, were things that would not have been totally obvious to me as a novice. These were the lessons of an experienced gardener which I very much appreciated learning.

At about the same time that I started to set my sights on this barren corner of land, a new joint called, The Escondite was in the process of renovating just behind this parking lot. As I finished up my garden, this place opened it’s doors too. This bar is dark and cozy, the food is tasty and the drinks are generous. I DO appreciate the confidence of the proprietors in opening a pub in Skid Row-cheers to their vision and cojones! I hope my garden makes them feel welcome.

Before Scott left, he inquired about any other empty patches of dirt in the vicinity that could use beautifying. I showed him one I am thinking of for an upcoming Guerrilla Garden. This one will take a lot more effort, but promisingly, Scott was game!

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