trash & the Alameda trees on Sept. 5th, 2011

trash can @ San Pedro & 4th St. at around 3pm today at the start of my walk

I had the day off work today, so I thought I would walk over to the Alameda trees ( and do some clean-up around the berms. I am officially asking for help with these saplings. They need to be watered and tidied up around the base. Please feel free to go over there yourself to do this at your convenience, or, if you would like company and/or need to know how much water they need, email me at– I have buckets for watering, a wheelbarrow and a water source .

I am working on getting the parties responsible for planting these trees to help put together a maintainance contract for the 3 more years they need to be watered. This important step got mistakenly overlooked.

I walked up 4th St. from San Pedro to get to the trees. I took some shots of the sickening piles of garbage that were strewn about. I’m having an increasingly difficult time understanding how this foulness can be legal and not against all sorts of health codes. I’m getting angry. I know there was a court recent ruling by Judge Philip S. Gutierrez that has made things much, much more disgusting lately (

box of garbage on 4th, near San Pedro St.


soiled garment on filthy 4th St.


food and garbage spilled on 4th St. gutter

Estela Lopez who heads up the CCEA, the local BID here, just wrote an insightful opinion piece ( about this judge’s decision too. I can’t help but worry about what sorts of bacterial infection or worse a small child might get if it were to fall down and put its hands on some of the garbage piles stacking up in my neighborhood. Today I saw old food covered in flies and bugs, blood and feces stained undergarments and soiled bedding, just to name a few things.

Enough about trash now- on onto the trees.

It was still hot and muggy today even in the later afternoon, but I was able to clean-up around 9 berms. I pulled weeds, removed garbage and did some light pruning. This is the second time I have been over here tending to the Alameda trees. I always get a lot of passers-by asking me questions about what I am doing and who I work for. The truck drivers are always friendly. Today, a trucker with the handle, “Shadow” got out of his truck across the street and came over to chat with me. Shadow came over from Alabama and he was getting ready to get a little sleep in before heading back home. Said he had been driving up Alameda St. for 18 years and had seen it clean up considerably. I asked him where the truck stop was around here for sleeping. He said there were none. We both agreed that if someone were to open a truck stop in the vicinity, they would make a killing. I wonder why such a heavily trucked area would be so truck unfriendly?

"Shadow" (his handle), from Alabama, was interested in what I was doing messing with these trees today. That's his rig in the background.

 Here is what I did in “before” and “after” pictures:





done for the day...bye Alameda trees


garbage piling up behind the trees


on my way home...more overflowing trash on 4th.

pigeons and bugs had descended upon the 4th & San Pedro garbage bin- a sticky film gathered around the base-gross!

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2 Responses to trash & the Alameda trees on Sept. 5th, 2011

  1. the trees look awesome! i will definitely help with watering and maintenance. i’ll have to borrow your wheelbarrow, buckets and water source. emailing you now…

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