Complete Streets Working Group-Sept. 28th @ 7pm

a Parklet in front of a bike shop in SF

Join the party @ 114 W. 5th Street (5th between Spring and Main, big metal door with long handle). See previous post about Complete Streets (

Ok- here is my takeaway from the last meeting. The Parklet thing is most definitely going to happen for Spring St.- probably a few of them. Placement is TBD, but support and enthusiasm for these things is in the air, and if San Francisco can get these things set up all around town, then we can do it too! Some folks from this working group brought back some photos and good stories from a recent trip up to the City by the Bay and shared what they had learned from a meeting they took with some San Francisco Great Streets Project people ( ). Here are some more photos that they took of SF Parklets:

Columbus St. Parklet

in front of a place called, Quetzal

these planters buffer the seated people from the street

I started going to these meetings because I heard that street improvements were being discussed for Main St.- Skid Row- a place where NO visible street improvements are apparent (except for new street re-paving, yay! ) Looks like anything for Main Street is on the back-burner for now BUT I know things will come and I believe in this movement and the people who are behind it, so I will continue to write about Complete Streets  for DTLA on this blog. Also, I will keep pushing for something to happen on Main. First things first, and all in good time.

Knowing that anything east of Main is going to be dicey, I have decided to begin working on a sort of Complete Streets side project for Skid Row myself. As I formulate some working ideas, with help from several others, I will start to blog about them soon…stay tuned.

Below are some highlights from Valerie’s latest email message for this working group:

– Tony presented the conceptual designs for the pilot parklets on Spring. Group
discussed and had some cool comments and modifications/considerations! Talked
about custom vs. off the shelf, and the balance of interest and predictable
– Group talked about Park(ing) Day Sept 16, Rob & Clover’s concept, and
generated ideas for other activities to further the outreach goal: create a
survey about complete streets to have participants fill out on Park(ing) Day;
survey may also be offered online and should also be translated to Spanish;
have general presentation boards on complete streets and parklets; one
informational flyer (1/2 sheet); brainstormed ideas for sponsors

Valerie Watson
At-Large Director
Board Chair – Parks, Recreation & Open Space Committee
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

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