Guerrilla Garden @ San Pedro & Boyd

this corner is my future Guerrilla Garden!

Skid Row doesn’t have a lot of available dirt. It’s a whole lot of concrete around here. I knew I wanted to start a Guerrilla Garden somewhere in my neighborhood, but the challenge was, where? My scouting the local landscape led me to a tiny patch of dirt @ the corner of Boyd & San Pedro. This diamond in the rough  caught my eye one day as I was walking by it, as I often do. Sure, it was small and overgrown with crazy burr-ladened noxious weeds, but it was calling my name. Here are some pictures of my soon-to-be Guerrilla Garden.


Because I am not the presumptuous type, I decided to ask the landowner for permission to plant something on his land. Going full commando style just didn’t seem like the right thing for me to do at this time for this place. The owner gave me the go ahead. This made my day.

Next, I knew would be a clean-up. I knew it would be nasty. I knew I needed reinforcement. I asked Kyra, who has taken a TreePeople class with me to help. She stepped up to the challenge and today was our first day of gardening.

I'm so happy to have had help today

First we had to “clear brush”.  Next, was dealing what was hidden under the brush.We found a hypodermic needle (no tip), a couple of crack pipes, lots broken glass and Styrofoam,  dozens of cigarette butts, assorted paper and plastic trash and one wire hanger, jerry-rigged into a Slim Jim. Also, we determined that a small patch of dirt toward the outermost corner was unseasonably moist and the weeds near this spot particularly green. Seems this section had been being “naturally” fertilized, repeatedly.

big ol' signs were hard to work around

Scott, from  SoCal Guerrilla Gardening has been advising me at length about steps to take that will eventually lead up to a planting. Next step…compost!

all cleared!



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2 Responses to Guerrilla Garden @ San Pedro & Boyd

  1. this is awesome! next step a neighborhood garden. we can talk over vino at the ‘new’ 410 boyd.

  2. kyra says:

    yay! and it begins! Glad to help!! Hey, I’m up for the vino at the new 410 boyd too!

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