Complete Streets Working Group-August 24th @ 7pm


this is a Parklet

Meeting place: 114 W. 5th Street (5th between Spring and Main, big metal door with long handle)

Serious progress has been made with this working group. To re-cap, this group is working on a few specific things to improve the streets of DTLA. See my previous post about Complete Streets(

Parklets for Spring St., and now, it looks like- Public Art Lighting for Main St. (not sure what happened to the bike Sharrow lines proposed for Main-these may come later). Valerie, the head of this Committee, has notice a few “dead zones” on Main St. that could be activated with some artistic public lighting. Ooooh- I like lighting fixtures! This is all still in the planning stages. Here are some examples of Public Art Lighting:

Below is the email update I received from Valerie concerning subgroups which have broken off and formed for this Complete Streets Working Group (reminder: all are welcome to get involved-try it, you might like it!):

We have a couple of subgroups and individuals working on specific tasks. If you’d like to get involved with the work in the mean time, email the subgroup head.

  • Parklets on Spring: Siobhan Burke (, India Brookover, Bradley Henning, Emily Morishita, Tony Lopez, Daveed Kapoor, Rob Berry, Tanner Blackman, Ryuko Ozawa
    – Park(ing) Day 2011 (Friday, Sept. 16) – parklet demonstration strategy
    – Develop programming ideas for parklets; explore materials
    – Tentative subgroup meeting next Wed. Aug. 10.
  • Public Art Lighting on Main: Sara Van der Voort (, Gretchen Siemers, Simon Hartigan, Dan Garcia
    – Sara and Dan had some great ideas for public art lighting to activate the dead zones
    – Tentative subgroup meeting TBD
  • Eric Metz has kindly offered to draft a motion for the Complete Streets Working Group to present to Councilmember Perry to consider bringing up – it would enable us to implement our parklets pilot by requesting the peak hour parking restrictions be lifted and directing city staff to work with us, etc. Email Eric if you think you could be of assistance.
  • I’m drafting up our formal feedback to submit to LADOT and our Council Office on the bike infrastructure briefing LADOT offered at our last meeting.

We’ve also talked about tons of other great ideas (like extended length curb extensions for bus stops) for how to improve Spring/Main for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, dogs, delivery people, bus riders, people watchers, coffee drinkers, fashion plates, and hanger-outers… and I have a running list. But for now we focus on these two pilot projects. There are a lot of moving parts, but I’m confident things will start falling into place. Onward!

Quick July 27 Complete Streets Working Group Meeting Recap: Had a great conversation with Abbass Vajar and Steve Gaur of LADOT – they briefed us on their process for studying bike facility options on Spring and Main, and we discussed the feasibility of incorporating parklets as they would relate to any roadway reconfiguration as part of the bike infrastructure implementation.

Valerie Watson
At-Large Director
Board Chair – Parks, Recreation & Open Space Committee
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

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