Complete Streets Working Group-July 27th @ 7pm

this is a "Green Sharrow Lane"

People of Skid Row, the photo above, is what is currently being discussed for Main Street. Why should you care? Here’s why…it is being proposed for SKID ROW!!! This is huge. Don’t know what a “Sharrow” lane is? Hey, I barely know myself, as I don’t currently own a bike ( but luckily for you, the reader, I have become aware of how utterly transformative something like this can be to a neighborhood, because I attended the last Complete Streets Working Group (

The skinny is that a whole bunch of people live Downtown now, not so, in the recent past. More people=more problems for our city streets, in that our sidewalks are somewhat puny in comparison to the space provided for automobiles. This is presenting a huge challenge-most recently, even a horrible tragedy that many local residents and stakeholders are trying to seek a solution for ( ).

Carving out more sidewalk and street space for pedestrians and bicyclists seems like a natural evolution for our urban core. Getting there, requires a lot of hard work–this Working Group is looking towards the future. All are welcome.

The other thing being proposed are “Parklets” for Spring st. Here is what a Parkelt looks like:

Parklet in San Francisco

So cool, right? We need these here, now. More Parklet info here:(

Below is the 411 from Valerie Watson, who is heading this Working Group:

July 7 Meeting Recap
Over 30 folks attended the second meeting of the DLANC Complete Streets Working Group and it was a very productive session! We focused in on pursuing a few distinct pilot projects to get our initiative going:

  1. Up to 3 Parklets on Spring (exploring frontages of LA Cafe, Market on Spring, and Spring for Coffee)
  2. Interim bike sharrows and public art lighting (to activate the “missing teeth” dead zones) on Main

Here are the folks who volunteered at the meeting to break off into focused sub-groups. If you’d like to work with them over the next week, feel free to contact the sub-group leads. If you’re not sure what you could be doing, just email me!

  • Parklets on Spring: Siobhan Burke (, India Brookover, Bradley Henning, Emily Morishita
  • Public Art Lighting etc. on Main: Gretchen Siemers (on vacay), Sara Van der Voort (, Simon Hartigan, Dan Garcia

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the DLANC Complete Streets Working Group will take place on Wednesday, July 27 – 7:00 PM – 114 W. 5th Street (big metal door with long handle). LADOT staff will be on hand to give a brief overview of their process for studying and implementing bike lanes. We will also have report-backs from the various sub-groups who are all hard at work as we speak. If you’ve had some ideas in the mean time, but haven’t been able to connect with others in our working group, bring ’em!

The goal of our next meeting will be to finalize content to package into “design briefs” that we can use as we reach out to specific community stakeholders and city staff to discuss the implementation of our ideas. Bring your own water/snacks – and remember it gets kinda hot in the meeting space so wear light clothing.

Valerie Watson
At-Large Director
Board Chair – Parks, Recreation & Open Space Committee
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

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