TreePeople class today

class in session

Today I attended TreePeople’s ( Tree Care Coordinator class at Siminski Park in Inglewood. There were several classes going on at the same time-but the one I took was specifically about how to set up Tree Care Event Days to take care of newly planted trees. I was really happy to see a fellow Skid Row resident, Kyra at the class too!

TreePeople puts a lot of emphasis on after-care for young trees. There are so many things that I never thought of that could harm your tree’s chances for a long and healthy life—things like curled roots that could choke the tree or burying too much of your tree’s base in dirt, which can cause rot. Proper pruning techniques were also taught today-(Kyra seemed especially adept with the pruning saw).  We learned what a double lead is on a tree (not a good thing) and how and where to make the cuts on a tree’s branches so as to cause minimal damage.

Kyra took good notes today

Correct mulching was another thing demonstrated by the teacher-including how to make a berm around your tree, and how to determine if your tree needs water. There is a class that focuses only on pruning, which seems like a good class to attend next.

pruning suckers

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1 Response to TreePeople class today

  1. kyra says:

    Great Class! Look forward to taking more and eventually seeing some trees planted! Kyra 🙂

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