don’t “top” your trees, please!

Noooooooooooooooooooooo! This tree sits just barely outside of Skid Row borders @ the southeast corner of San Pedro & 7th. While this blog is specifically dedicated to green things within Skid Row territory, I am making an exception because I don’t want this to happen here.

This tree was recently “topped”. This is bad for the tree and bad to look at. If any landowner in DTLA wants to trim his or her tree, please call this guy to get a referral for a professional tree trimmer: Street Tree Inspector/Luis Torres (213) 798-8690


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5 Responses to don’t “top” your trees, please!

  1. Iris says:

    It really hurts seeing trees being topped like that.

  2. City4ster says:

    OUCH! lazy people with no minds do this. Anyone with half a brain can see how bad this is for the tree. Do you shave your head every time you need a haircut? If the tree had dead limbs and they just cut them off then whats the cause of the dead limbs? it will only happen again if they don’t fix the problem. I heard City Forestry got cut way back so many probably are not thinking. Good luck San Pedro

  3. tobinmiller says:

    About a week or two ago, I briefly encouraged our Facebook fans to avoid topping trees. I will share your article with them, since it does a great job of educating readers on why they should avoid topping trees.

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