North Central Skid Row = “Hookahville”

I haven’t heard anybody else talk about this, much less write about it anywhere in the local media so I am just going to come out and say it, “North Central Skid Row has turned into “Hookahville”. Hookahville is the name I am crowning this district with. There are at least a dozen “water pipe” and hookah stores that have set up shop around here. (

Speaking of districts, there seems to be some confusion about what this specific area should actually be called. Some maps call it the“Silk Flower district”, some label the whole area, “Central City East”…

no “Skid Row” on this map

or some just ignore it all together like this one…

cool looking map, but where is Skid Row?

The older maps call out Skid Row.

this one gets it right

Skid Row doesn't even get it's own color on this "official" looking map! the nerve

I like this map.

nice map!

This topic of Skid Row being on a map or not is most definitely worthy of it’s own blog post and further scrutiny, but for now I am of the opinion that Skid Row should be included on the maps of DTLA. If the City of Los Angeles and our legal system is defining this 50 block area with laws concerning sanitation, garbage and street sleeping-then Skid Row needs to be called out on a map. Click here for a refresher (

Anyways, back to the hookahs. Personally, I have no problem with these wholesalers—mostly because I am happy if ANY industry that manufactures actual things is thriving in this economy. These shops, clustered together here, seem to be doing business at a fast clip–also, they are well maintained and clean-this goes for the sidewalks out front, too. This makes them good neighbors. Some of these hookahs are pieces of art and I can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into them. Seems “hookah cafes” are becoming something of a full-out trend in most large cities across America.

Concerning the “other” smoking accessories that are stocked on the shelves of these shops- I try to keep current with whats going in Washington vs. the states in regards to legalization of marijuana but I am left confused.

I don’t understand if it is legal or not—maybe someone can explain this to me. I’m trying to keep this blog kid-friendly but some things in Skid Row- just aren’t. Also, FYI if anyone needs a Bob Marley poster or some cherry-scented incense, you know where to come-4th St, Skid Row, baby.

This hydroponics shop just painted their roll-up a nice bright green.

I couldn’t help but think these shopkeepers might be inclined to support another type of green……trees!

There may be some sympathy there for my cause, but I’d have to investigate. Most of these shops are situated on 4th St, which has a lot of driveways—legally, trees have to be @ least 6ft from a driveway. In any case, these folks are on my radar as potential tree lovers.

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3 Responses to North Central Skid Row = “Hookahville”

  1. “The Nickel” is the best name I’ve heard for the district so far.

    Looking at the other maps, I can see why a map publisher might be reluctant to tag a name like “Skid Row” onto an area. As a name, it’s got a bit of a stigma attached to it. But I’m thinking “Palhookaville” might have a new place in my heart.

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