FREE TreePeople classes-July 9th

TreePeople classes coming up!


I am currently working closely with the organization TreePeople to complete my first planting on December 10th of this year. I took their Citizen Forestry one-day workshop this past January. This should give you some idea about how long it takes to put a planting together. It looks like TreePeople is phasing out their one-day-workshop soon, but one is still being offered (FOR FREE) this Saturday July 9th   from 9-3pm in Inglewood. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. Yes, its half your Saturday, but if you have any interest in Urban Forestry-this is the place to go! A healthy and tasty meal is also provided (they even had vegan cookies).

Michelle Bagnato of TreePeople is my Project Manager. She has been helpful at just about every phase of my endeavor, by helping me get concrete cutting bids to explaining the intricacies of dealing with all the city agencies needed to plant trees on a public sidewalk. She tells me that space is limited for how many new projects she will be able to take on this next year, so she is encouraging as many as possible to attend this workshop.

 All you need to do is register on the TreePeople site, and then sign up for the event you would like to take. 

Since TreePeople has a business model of assisting with tree care for 5 years after their trees are planted, a Tree Care Coordinator class is something I still need to take so that I can learn how to prune a tree properly and check its health.

If you are reading this and are interested in taking a course this coming July 9th, I encourage you to contact TreePeople yourself to ask about what might be right for you.

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