Complete Streets Working Group-July 7th @ 7pm (update)

example of a "Complete Street"

I have recently become acquainted with the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council and specifically the Parks, Recreation & Open Space Committee (  Meeting Information: First Monday of the month; Pershing Square (weather permitting) or DLANC Office (453 S. Spring St.  #1020)

Valerie Watson, the Director of this committee has organized a Complete Streets Working Group for Downtown Los Angeles. For more information about what Complete Streets are click link (

I think it is important that Skid Row is represented in these talks. If anyone would like to attend this meeting, it is open to all. Below is some more information, meeting time & place.

Next meeting of the Complete Streets Working Group: Thursday, July 7 at The Exchange (NOT the night club, but the community space) at 114 W. 5th Street (between Spring & Main), 7:00 PM.

(abridged from 1st meeting of group)
– The group discussed the goal of the working group (to improve Downtown streets to make them more pedestrian, bike and transit-friendly, more equitable in modal split) and the ultimate desired outcome of the working group’s effort.
– We arrived at a common desire to be aspirational – aim high.
– The group agreed that the desired outcome of the working group should be to implement a tangible, on the ground pilot project. Don’t want to just create a plan to sit on the shelf.
– One theme we returned to was that Spring and Main are very dynamic streets, with use, needs, and conditions changing throughout a 24 hour period, and with huge spikes in pedestrian use on events, like Art Walk. Would be good to have this documented as a touchstone to help drive the pilot project. Perhaps use the Gehl Public Life/Public Space methodology?

For Facebook users, just search DLANC, ‘like’ DLANC, and you’ll see the event posted on the wall. or follow this link:!/event.php?eid=110000252426974

(Updated, June 30th, 2011) Below is the update I got from Valerie Watson today:

“Quick update: LADOT has posted an in-depth look at the bike lane / roadway configuration options they are exploring for Spring and Main.

Something I noticed that made me almost fall out of my seat: “Additionally, creating bike lanes on Main and Spring would require that current off-peak parking be made permanent, creating a parking boon for the downtown community and a constant buffer of parked cars between pedestrians and drivers.” HOORAY! This will really open the doors for us to suggest elements within the roadway, i.e. parklets, perhaps – in other words, this buys us 8′ of real estate on both sides of the road (which we would balance with parking and loading needs, of course).

Before our meeting on the 7th, take a few minutes to read through – and let’s have a think on strategy for coordinating what we might want to do with the bike plan implementation process. If we can piggyback onto their traffic/environmental maybe we can suggest something really transformative and have the City on board from the beginning!

We are starting by focusing on Spring & Main as our first project (can’t take on all streets at once!) and specifically because LADOT is moving forward with plans for bike lanes we want to give feedback on. But involvement from folks who live in all the neighborhoods of downtown is critical – many of these issues are universal – and if this project is successful we can try for more streets!”

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