Skid Row needs bike lanes too, DOT! (update)

There are many bike riders who live in Skid Row

  (Excerpted from a article titled, “Bicycle Lanes Planned for Figueroa, Flower, Spring and Main Streets” June 22, 2011, By Eric Richardson)

Within the next year, lanes should be headed to Figueroa between 7th and Cesar Chavez, Flower between 3rd and 7th, Spring between Cesar Chavez and 9th and Main between Cesar Chavez and Venice. According to a Tuesday presentation by the city’s Department of Transportation, finalizing the design of those lanes and their impact on traffic will take more study.………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

I read this article today and I felt two things. Firstly, I felt happy that DTLA is getting some much-needed bike lanes. Secondly, I felt a familiar pang. That pang being,

“What about Skid Row?” Then I thought,

“I don’t even own a bike at the moment, so why should I care about this?”

Some reflection on this issue brings me to the conclusion that someone MUST care about bike lanes in Skid Row. Someone must say, “Hey, those bike lanes that you DOT folks are thinking about putting in throughout Downtown, why not put one through Skid Row? We have just as many bike riders as the rest of Downtown has and we want one too!”

I just so happened to have my camera with me on my way home from work to capture what is a familiar sight along San Pedro St., dozens of bikes locked up at the too few bike racks and sign poles.

There were many bike riders riding past me when I took these pictures, but I didn’t get any good shots yet of the riders themselves. I will get some and post them here asap. Skid Row has a very cool bike culture for those that don’t know. When I stroll around here on the weekends I see all sorts of customized and decorated cruisers with riders eager to show them off.

What about 5th or 6th street for a bike lane? These streets are fairly wide and have the added benefit of some mature shade trees.

bikes everywhere


(Updated, June 25th 2011) If you want to lend your voice to the push for bike lanes through Skid Row, follow the link and comment! LADOT needs to hear from you.




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2 Responses to Skid Row needs bike lanes too, DOT! (update)

  1. I’m as excited as you are about the bike lanes coming to DTLA. I also agree we shouldn’t stop there, but keep adding more and making DTLA a community rather than a bunch of through streets for cars which ultimately lowers the quality of life. I don’t want to mess with any momentum for these planned bike lanes but I’m totally on board for us to think about where we can make the next round of bike lanes, and I think A couple in Skid Row would be a fine example.

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